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- Power Patrols

The MMC Security Force Constabulary mans the Power Patrols, and all constables are subject to an intense selection and training process.  The selection process requires prior experience with the Guyana Defense Force or the Guyana Police Force.  After  selection, recruits attend a three-week induction training course at the Felix Austin Police College, of the Guyana Police Force, covering basic police duties and skills.  This is followed by a further two weeks of intensive training in special weapons and tactics at our facilities. Live firing exercises are carried out using handguns, shotguns, and rifles.  All ranks must qualify in both static and mobile live firing scenarios. Ranks also receive training in First Aid and CPR at the Guyana Red Cross Society and in fire-fighting at our Headquarters. Upon completion of this extensive training, the rank is a tough and highly skilled individual ready to serve your security requirements. All ranks are then sworn as Supernumerary Police Constables. By special arrangement and when requested by Police Headquarters, the Constabulary can be called upon to assist the Guyana Police Force in its duties.

MMC Security Force Power Patrols are highly-mobile, armed, radio-linked vehicular units of supernumerary constables, which provide the most powerful private security response in Guyana. Each Power Patrol unit is comprised of a minimum of one Corporal and two Constables armed with revolvers and shotguns. The Power Patrol fleet is comprised of 4x4 vehicles which are specially equipped with hand-held spotlights, fire extinguishers, axes and other rescue equipment. These units are radio dispatched by the Operations Control Centre (OCC) and conduct routine security inspections of commercial and residential sites.  They are in constant radio contact with the OCC and are dispatched to emergencies.

Routine Security Inspections: The Power Patrol service is also offered to clients as routine security inspections of commercial or residential locations. These units will visit a client location six times within a 24-hour period, check the security status of the premises and record all visits including pertinent comments in a diary maintained by client on-site personnel. Clients may request that the constables enter the premises for the security inspections. Sign up for Power Patrol Services today, call 220-6866 (24 hours)

Cash Escorts Services   MMC Security Force offers a Power Patrol service. These services can be convoy escorts or the client or client representatives may choose to be securely transported in our vehicles to specified locations.

VIP Escorts Services   MMC Security Force offers a Power Patrol service VIP convoy escort service. These services are provided on a confidential basis to VIP’s for destinations such as to and from Guyana’s international airport, hinterland locations, and through domestic “red zones”.


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