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Sentry Guard Company, a division of MMC Security Force, offers armed and unarmed guard services for private, commercial and governmental locations and assets. Services include:

  • Uniformed Guards with Identification Badges
  • Armed or unarmed guards. Radio linked 24/7 to an Operations Control Centre
  • Regular Supervisory Inspections
  • Back-up Armed Power Patrol Units
  • Networking within MMC Security Force and with Guyana Police Force
  • Investigative Services

  • Short Term and Long Term Contracts

Logo: This division's logo is emblematical of the sting and claw of the Scorpion, which fiercely defends and protects its territory, thus defining the code of conduct of Sentry Guards.

Management: The management of Sentry Guard Company includes former high ranking Joint Services Officers, each with more that 25 years of experience.

Network: Sentry Guard Company has a broad network of back-up security services, including Power Patrol units of MMC Security Force, Rapid Response units of the Guyana Police Force, The Guyana Fire Service and area hospitals for medical emergencies.

Communications: Sentry Guard Company has an extensive communications network including VHF and GSM systems.

Training: Regardless of previous training all personnel must undergo further training at our training facility before certification with Sentry Guard Company.
Contact Sentry Guard Company at 592-220-5416/592-220-5203/220-6691 or e-mail us at

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